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Brand names: Proventil, Accuneb, ProAir HFA, Proventil HFA, ReliOn Ventolin HFA, Ventolin HFA
Active ingredient: Albuterol inhalation

Albuterol belongs to a group of drugs of synthetic origin. According to clinical and pharmacological action it belongs to the group of anti-inflammatory, beta2-agonists and mucolytics with bronchodilator effect. Applied for drug elimination and prevention of choking attacks of bronchial asthma. Refers to medicines for emergency medical care.

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The main active ingredient of the drug - Albuterol (100 mg - 0.0725 mg). Adjuvant - tsetiloleat (100 mg - 0.1449 mg). In the form of an aerosol composition contains the following components: Fluorotrichloromethane (100 mg - 35.64 mg) diftodihlormetan (100 mg - 64.15 mg) and oleic acid and ethanol.

Release form

Albuterol, and other drugs, in which the composition is present as active substance, released in aerosol form. The drug is contained in an aluminum cylinder, valve equipped with a dispenser. Pressing means is sprayed at the rate of 0.1 mg dose (1 dose) in the form of minute particles. Pharmaceutical companies producing albuterol tablets with varying dosage albuterol (2 and 4 mg). In some cases it is expedient to use as albuterol solution for intravenous drip injection.

Pharmacological action

The therapeutic dose of the drug has a pronounced effect on the incentive effect of beta2-adrenergic receptors of the bronchi surface on muscle muscles of the uterus and blood vessels. Prevents the exit of biologically active substances from mast cells over a long period of time. Increases lung capacity, prevents the development of bronchospasm, and in their presence suppresses differing speeds. Eliminates resistance in the lumen of the respiratory tract and inhibits bronchial reactivity. Taking the drug improves expectoration, activates the cells of the ciliated epithelium, prevents bronchospasm allergic origin. In some cases the affect on the production of insulin and glycogen degradation, reduces the concentration of potassium in the plasma. Patients with asthma often provokes an increase of glucose in the blood and accelerates the decomposition of lipids (this aspect is important for patients with diabetes). In use the recommended therapeutic dose adverse effect on the cardiovascular system has not, does not increase blood pressure. Causes a slight expansion of the coronary vessels of the heart. Therapeutic effect occurs in the first few minutes of use. Maximum time to achieve the effect of 30-60 minutes duration - up to three hours. Taking the drug in tablets promotes more prolonged action (6-8 hours), but the therapeutic effect occurs no earlier than 30 minutes.

Indications for use

Prevention of possible complications such as bronchospasm and its relief in any form of asthma. Obstructive processes (blockage or narrowing of the bronchial tubes) of the reversible nature of the airway with emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Broncho-obstructive syndrome in childhood. Preterm birth, life-threatening fetus with increased contractile function of the uterus in labor with up to 37 weeks of pregnancy, fetal bradycardia at different stages of the generative process, and incompetent cervix are also a direct indication for the use of albuterol. May be used for prophylaxis in surgery on the uterus in pregnant women.

Albuterol - application

In appointing the drug Albuterol in the form of an aerosol recommend one or two pressing on the valve (ie, 1-2 doses per reception). Cupping, usually that's enough. If within 5-10 minutes effect does not occur, reception enabled repeated administration of the same dose. Next inhalation is possible after 4-6 hours, but not more than six times per day. A preparation in the form of tablets adults administered three times per day (one tablet on reception).

Test with albuterol

Chronic respiratory disease (obstruction, bronchitis, asthma, etc.) lead to reduced lung capacity. One of the most important methods for diagnosis of such diseases is to assess the dynamics of the index which is responsible for the forced expiratory volume per second (FEV 1). With the trend towards a fall in several studies for years confirms the presence of obstructive lung processes. To study the reversibility of obstructive conduct trials with the drug Albuterol. When the positive dynamics, reflecting the increase in FEV 1 of more than 15%, the sample confirms the presence of a reversible obstruction. Most often, when the above-mentioned diseases, such a result is quite expected.


Albuterol is not recommended for use in children. Age restrictions have a direct link to the form of the drug. For example, up to 2 years old are prohibited aerosols up to 4 years - powder for inhalation. Individual intolerance of the main components of the drug and the increased sensitivity of the body are also contraindications. During pregnancy, the use of albuterol is carried out only under the supervision of a physician.

Side effects

Common: tremor inside, shake hands, emotional tension, and tachycardia. Less common: headache, dizziness, increased cerebral vascular peripheral values, nausea, vomiting, or desires to her. In some cases: allergic reactions, angioedema, low blood pressure, bronchospasm, cardiovascular failure. Rare: panic disorder, hallucinations, bronchospasm due to excessive use.